Armatus Learn To Protect System is Becoming...


Until Praesidium Academy Launch!

All New.

Praesidium is pleased to announce that we have a brand new system to host all of our online abuse prevention courses.

Praesidium Academy delivers a best in class user experience that integrates adult learning theories designed to increase engagement and content retention.

We are excited about sharing the new system with you and know that this will make a huge impact on your abuse prevention efforts.

Top Three Things To Know

As a current Armatus User, we want to make sure you get into Academy on Launch Day and complete your training your organization has designated for you.


A Quick Demo for You as a Learner

Take a look at what your Praesidium Academy experience will be like and get a head start for launch day.


What You Will Receive On July 14th

  • An email invite to the system - follow the instructions from the email to access the system on launch day.
  • You might receive notifications that one or more of your trainings have expired and needs to be retaken, make sure to check with your administrator to confirm the need to complete the training.


If You Don't Receive Your Invite on July 14th? Missed Your Email Invite?

No problem! Email and we will get you into Academy!