Bulk Updates? We can help.

If you have over 100 users to update, please follow the steps in the video or listed below.


Click on "users" in the blue navigation toolbar.


Click on “View User List”

Note: You will want to repeat this process with the Administrator List as well. To view a list of people with Administrative access to your organization, click on “View Administrator List.”


Click on the orange button to export your list to Excel.


Once in Excel, filter down your list to the list of users who need to be updated.

For users that need to be inactivated (they no longer work or volunteer with your organization):

  • Copy/Paste the First Name, Last Name, and System User ID into a new spreadsheet, the System User ID found on the user list is different than the 4-digit user ID on the learner's account.
  • Save your spreadsheet with the title USERS TO BE INACTIVATED.

For users that need an updated email address (all users will need their own unique, valid email address):

  • Copy/Paste the First Name, Last Name, System User ID, and Email Address into a new spreadsheet.
  • Update the Email Address column with a new unique, valid email address.
  • Save your spreadsheet with the title USERS WITH EMAIL UPDATES.


Email your completed spreadsheets to support@praesidiuminc.com.

Remember, you must keep the list in two separate files, one for email updates and one for users to be inactivated.

The email Update file must include First Name, Last Name, System User ID and Email address.

The inactivated user list must include First Name, Last Name and System User ID.