Praesidium Report


A Comprehensive Report on Sexual Abuse Risk Management of Vulnerable Populations

For three decades, Praesidium has reviewed and consulted on thousands of cases of sexual abuse across all industries serving vulnerable populations. Those organizations include K-12 schools and higher education institutions, youth-serving organizations, churches and religious institutions, social service organizations, and many more.  

Praesidium's mission is to "help you protect those in your care from abuse and to help preserve trust in your organization." For the past few years, we've analyzed our findings and identified trends. Using these trends, we offer some direct tips on what organizations can do within each section of the Praesidium Report. We hope you find this report valuable and we encourage you to share it with your colleagues via the share buttons on this page.  

What's Inside The Report?

2020 Adaptations and Findings

The events of 2020 brought about a need for organizations to reevaluate nearly every aspect of their operations. But how has abuse risk changed in the last year? Learn how some organizations adapted to the challenges.

The Praesidium Safety Equation®

Since March of 2020, organizations have repeatedly modified and reinvented their programing. As our consultants advised clients during this time, we relied on the Praesidium Safety Equation as a lens to help them navigate potential risks associated with their "new normal".

Abuse Prevention Trends and Research

Looking at the data from the hundreds of helpline calls we have received, we have identified several categories of situations such as alleged adult-to-youth abuse and youth-to-youth sexual activity or abuse. Find out which type we see the most and where incidents are most likely to take place. Additionally, while research specific to organizational abuse has been limited, last year brought about some exciting developments in the field. Learn what studies are shedding light on organizational abuse and prevention efforts.

You Might Be Wondering...

Who is Praesidium?

Praesidium is the national leader in risk management of sexual abuse of vulnerable populations. With over than 30 years of experience, serving thousands of clients, our dedicated team of researchers, psychologists, attorneys, social workers, and human resources professionals have analyzed thousands of cases and synthesized the latest scientific research. We know how abuse happens in organizations and more importantly, how to prevent it.

What is Praesidium's approach to managing the risk of abuse in clients' organizations?

Praesidium uses a systems-based approach created from the scientific research of thousands of reported incidents of abuse. This analysis identified that the root causes of these situations often fall into one or more of the eight organizational operations which, taken together, comprise Praesidium’s Safety Equation®. We help our clients implement best practice standards in each of the eight operations to close gaps, decrease risks, and create safer environments within their organizations.  

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Abuse Is Preventable.

Praesidium is dedicated to helping our clients fulfill their mission safely. Whether they are just getting started in their abuse prevention efforts, focused on the compliance aspects of risk management, or are committed to creating a culture of safety with years of experience. We work with clients across the spectrum. If you're not sure what your next step is to preventing abuse, contact us today.