Armatus Learn To Protect System is Becoming...

Top 5 Things To Know

Until Praesidium Academy Launch!

All New.

Praesidium is pleased to announce that we have a brand new system to host all of our online abuse prevention courses.

Praesidium Academy delivers a best in class user experience that integrates adult learning theories designed to increase engagement and content retention. And, there's a new admin portal that makes user management a breeze.

We are excited about sharing the new system with you and know that this will make a huge impact on your abuse prevention efforts.

Top Five Things To Know

There's a lot to learn as it relates to the new Praesidium Academy. We're going to do our best to keep it as simple as possible to get you and your team transitioned over to the new system.


Introduction and Demo

Did you miss one of our scheduled demos? View the recording HERE.


What Moved Over to Praesidium Academy

To make the most of your experience, we've moved over the following information

  • Your organizational account structure
  • Courses your users had access to
  • User history for active users


Training and Onboarding

In addition to the demos, Praesidium Academy training to both admins and users will be available at launch through a variety resources including

  • Guided digital tours and helpful hints
  • Video tutorials
  • In-depth FAQ/Support section

To help you on board your users, we've created a sample communication plan with some starter copy and a reference page for your users to access a quick video and information that will be useful to them.

Sample Communication Plan


System and Transition Details

We will be sending out a number of emails leading up to launch and will be utilizing this page as a spot to house further details in the coming weeks. Stay Tuned!

6/4/2021 - Customization and Actions Required. Jump to Section
6/10/2021 - New Section: Submitted Q's. Jump to Section
6/15/2021 - Admin Tutorial Videos Added. Jump to Section
6/15/2021 - Communication plan and User info page (See #3 above)


Dates to Remember

Migrating to a new system unfortunately means some scheduled downtime. Please mark your calendars for the following dates.

June 24, 2021 - 5PM CST (Screening Integrated Accounts Only)
• Ordering of new background checks are paused until new system launches

July 12, 2021 - 5PM CST
• Learners will no longer be able to take courses in Armatus
• Armatus Admins will have "view only" access moving forward
• Integrated Account Adjudicators must ensure all check reviews are completed

July 14, 2021 - 10AM CST
• All users will receive an email invite into the new system
• Learners can resume taking courses
• Admins will have full functionality within Praesidium Academy and will also have "view only" access in Armatus until 12/31/2021
• Screening orders can resume

Praesidium Academy Basics for Admins

With the new system, some features and terms remain the same, and some have been updated. Let's take a quick look below at some of the things that are important to know right off the bat. We will cover these in the demo too.


In Academy, every organization is inside a "Panorama". Depending on the size and scale of your account, there may be multiple organizations within the panorama or you maybe the only one.

This is determined by your Praesidium Armatus Contract. If you have access to training through a larger partnership agreement, you might be one of hundreds within a panorama. If your organization has it's own contract, you will be in your own panorama. The only thing this effects is the reporting functionality.


In Armatus your account structure was likely set up with a parent/child or tiered relationship. In Academy, the layout is similar, but the term is now "Sublicense".

Each parent and child account that existed in Armatus, will transition over into Academy as a sublicense.

The structure remains the same, the only change here is the term.

You will see "Sublicense" as the term used within your admin portal to identify your groups of users.

Login Info

Over the first quarter, we asked you all to provide unique emails for every active user. Those unique email addresses are now the log in/user name for each user.

If you missed the clean-up of user emails, when the new system is turned on, your users will not receive the welcome invite/email.

Users missing the invite will need to contact our support team to acquire access.

Emails that have been updated require no further action, they will receive an invite to the system on Launch day.


We've got A's for your Q's

If I have a new employee who needs training before starting, can they still do it through Armatus?

Yes, new employees can complete training in Armatus until 7/12 at 5pm.   

Will the platform work smoothly on an iPad?

Yes, the platform works on multiple devices:  mobile devices, tablets, laptops, and desktops.

We have not added our current users to Armatus, should we do that now, or wait and add them in Praesidium after July 14th?

If you users do not need to access content prior to July 14th, then we encourage you to wait until July 14th to add them in the new system. This allows users to learn only one platform rather than two. If they need to take training before the 14th, then certainly add them to Armatus and have them take training.  

Should I remove any users that may be active with our organization, but will not need to use the platform anymore?

Yes, please make those changes in Armatus.  If you have a user who is no longer within your organization, please change their status in Armatus to "inactive".  Then they will not get invited to Academy.  

Can browsers other than Chrome be used effectively?

Yes, Praesidium Academy can be used on all browsers.  Additionally, there is an FAQ page that helps learners troubleshoot any issues that arise with their browser.  

Are there new courses?

Yes, there are a few new courses, and several "refreshed" courses.  We looked at our top 15 courses and refreshed the content within them.  We also plan to push out more new content through the platform on a more consistent basis.  

If I have users who have not used the system for more than 4 years, will their information still be moved over?

No, their information will not be moved over.  We have only moved over user information if a user 1) has a unique email address 2) is classified as "active" in Armatus and 3) has taken at least one course in the last 4 years (January 1, 2017 - present).  

Can I delete employees who have just left our company? Should I use Armatus until July 12?

Yes, you should use Armatus until July 12th at 5pm CST.  Any employee who left your organization can be made inactive rather than deleted.  You may need to keep their training records in your archive.  

More Submitted Questions and Answers Here:

Customizations In Armatus - Next Steps

If your Armatus account currently has a customization in the three following areas, there may be action required in order to have those items updated. All update/change requests must be submitted to Changes will be made one time without charge until July 1, 2022, after that a change fee will apply.

Your Logo Included

In order to include your logo within Academy, you will need to incorporate the logo into a new hero image. If you did not have your logo in Armatus, no action is required.

Hero/Header Image

All accounts will receive the standard Header/Hero Image in Academy, no custom hero images from Armatus will move over.

If you would like to have a custom image displayed you must submit an updated image that meets the new requirements to Hero Image Requirements can be found here.

Welcome Message with or without Image of Organizational Leader

We will move over all current content as it currently is in Armatus to Academy. With the exception of the word "Armatus" if we see that in any message we will change it to "Academy" for you. If you have other changes that are needed, please email them to our Academy Team at

If you have no changes to your current welcome message or photo, no action is required.

Please note: Our team is working around the clock to update all accounts. These updates may not be complete by launch but the work will continue until all accounts are updated.

Tutorial Videos

Academy Demo from Praesidium on Vimeo.

allow="autoplay; fullscreen; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen style="position:absolute;top:0;left:0;width:100%;height:100%;" title="Learner Dashboard Navigation">

Admin Demo Video

Learner Dashboard

Academy Terminology

Admin Dashboard Navigation

Admin - User Management

More Information Coming Soon!

In the coming weeks, we will update this page with further details that you and your learners need to know ahead of launch. Make sure to keep an eye on your emails as we will notify you of updates there!

If you'd like to include another member of your team to the email list please click below.

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