C.A.S.E. Creating A Safe Environment

State of the art, research based, facilitator-led, video-based training that provides practical solutions to navigating the many "gray areas" that can emerge day-to-day. C.A.S.E. content is presented in three ways.

Facilitator-Led Discussion

  • Reinforces key teaching points within the program
  • Allows organizations to reference their own policies
  • Strengthens open communication between participants  
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Cinematic Video

  • Compelling, cinematic story depicting realistic situations that show the reality of working with youth
  • Full suite of characters that will have viewers self-identifying as the people on the screen
  • Lessons anchored around the storyline within the video to make memorable impressions
  • English, Spanish subtitled, English closed captioned
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Informative Graphic Content

  • A graphic section follows each video segment to teach participants practical strategies to create safe environments
  • How to keep yourself safe by staying within the “acceptable zone”
  • How to recognize and report red-flag behaviors between adults and youths, and more...

Why C.A.S.E?

Praesidium has been working with organizations to protect vulnerable populations for more than 25 years. Over that time, the science of understanding how abuse happens has rapidly evolved, and awareness about the issue has grown exponentially. To create this program, our team conducted a systematic review of current scientific research, our own internal data from delivering training programs, incident data from insurance and legal claims, and years of observations from the field with our wide range of clients.

Professional Filmography

Issue fatigue is common in many organizations with long-term staff. Having a compelling, high-end film helps to captivate the most knowledgeable of audiences and enhances the memorability of all the lessons learned.

Increased Engagement

Because of the innovative format of the storyline, staff and volunteers become highly engaged with the training material. This interaction allows learners to discuss the best practices and how these practices apply to their daily activities.

Timely and Relevant Content

Unlike many other training solutions, C.A.S.E. discusses and highlights the prevalence of youth-to-youth abuse and how to prevent and report it. In addition, C.A.S.E. discusses how to overcome low-level barriers to reporting in order to actually prevent abuse. 

Now is always the right time to train your staff to create safe environments. Contact us to get started. 

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Covered Topics

C.A.S.E. content provides practical solutions to help your staff and volunteers to prevent abuse.

Preventing Adult-to-Youth Abuse 

Victims and Community Grooming

Red-Flag Behaviors with Adults

Creating Good Personal Boundaries 

One-on-One Interactions with Youth

Electronic Communications

Preventing Youth-to-Youth Abuse 

Red-Flag Behaviors with Youth

Likely Targets of Youth-to-Youth Abuse

Supervising High-Risk Areas

Responding to Red-Flag Behaviors  

How To Interrupt Red-Flag Behaviors

Reporting Red-Flag Behaviors 

Reporting Suspecting Abuse

When a Youth Discloses

C.A.S.E. provides practical solutions to help create safer environments. Contact us for more info